CLIENT | SBS (Television Network)

WORK | Working as lead freelance designer on this project within the in-house SBS creative team, we created a campaign to promote a week in television focused around programs on race and prejudice. The focus being on SBS’ documentary ‘Is Australia Racist?’, presented by Ray Martin.

The campaign was inspired by the research results from one of the largest-ever surveys conducted on racism and prejudice in Australia, commissioned by SBS with Western Sydney University, which found one in five Australians experienced racism over the past 12 months. It challenged Australians to face up to racism and take part on social media using the #FU2RACISM hashtag which in turn fed into interactive website tickers to show the growing support of people standing up against racism.

The campaign ran on SBS television and across the five major metropolitan cities at train stations, bus stops, shopping centres, websites and digital billboards.

COPYRIGHT | While working at SBS



CLIENT | Regraph

OBJECTIVE | Regraph aims to help those in need through the creating and selling of project specific creative work in the fields of design, art, fashion, music, architecture, events and film.

WORK | Creating a new corporate identity and relevant creative branding material. Work covered the design & layout of a promotional brochure for Regraph’s first creative fund raising project towards a little girl’s cancer treatment. Stationary, Posters, Email Newsletters, Flyers, T-shirts, Presentations and a large Painting consisting out of smaller blocks followed.

CLIENT | Ella Baché

WORK | While working at Ella Baché I designed all assets for the Monthly Marketing Campaigns. These branding and advertising designs stretched across multiple platforms from social media, advertising, posters & signage, in-store retail collateral, David Jones Ticketing, eDMs, printed collateral, web banners and digital assets to packaging design, internal comms etc.

COPYRIGHT | While working at Ella Baché

CLIENT | Indigo Brands (Pty) Ltd

WORK | Creating a new wholesale POS campaign and relevant branding / merchandising material. The sales mechanism involved buying a six-pack of Solo deo’s to stand a chance of winning cool prizes, including one of 12 Solo branded beverage fridges used in the promotion.

COPYRIGHT | While working at GBR

CLIENT | Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Co.

WORK | Creating a new, kid-relevant and strong brand for the annual Cableway Kids Season specials. Branding of taxis, posters, merchandise products, newspaper adverts, web banners, activity booklets, PVC banners etc all had to encompass a recognizable campaign. Digital character illustrations was outsourced to Masters & Savant agency in Cape Town.

COPYRIGHT | While working at GBR




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