CLIENT | Personal (4th year at UNI)

MEDIA | Charcoal on Fabriano

WORK | Creating a coherently strong, universal message through a series of 4 x A2 sized artworks based on the illustrations of Ralph Steadman. Placed next to each other in order, they form a continuous visual.

CLIENT | South African Port Operations

MEDIA | Copic Markers, Pen & Digital

WORK | Illustrating a series of 6 internal comics for SAPO to communicate in a fun way the company’s business values as pertaining to service delivery and employee expectations. Each comic introduced a story based on one of their 6 values.

Distribution included notice boards, internal newsletters & employee payslips.

COPYRIGHT | While working at GREEN ROOM

CLIENT | Commissioned Paintings

MEDIA | Acrylic on canvas

WORK | 500 x 500mm. Colourful, semi-realistic illustrative portraits of the client’s two children.

CLIENT | Personal

MEDIA | Digital

WORK | Emotive illustration about the concept of diving deeper into life, love ‍‍‍and experience alongside those who have gone before and know the way.

CLIENT | Global Fire Australia

MEDIA | Digital

WORK | Conceptual illustration based off of Global Fire's scythe symbol linked to the Australian boomerang icon.‍‍‍ Adobe Illustrator vectors.

CLIENT | Personal

MEDIA | Digital

WORK | We are all explorers of an infinitely complex and consuming universe in our own experiences. Inside all of us is another reality wanting to break out‍‍‍. Adobe Illustrator vectors.

CLIENT | Trailrunning Blog

MEDIA | Watercolour & Digital

WORK | Creating a colourful and energetic illustration showcasing the association of being free that comes with the sport of trailrunning.

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